SUMMER has arrived…

Hello All,

    I am so happy that I can have the windows and doors open.. This is my one of my favorite times of the year.. Everything is GREEN.. and PINK, and Purple and Yellow, Flowers everywhere.. and the smell of fresh cut grass..

   The Spring Elegant Barn Sale was a couple weeks ago and was a GREAT success.. it was So much FUN.. and I want to thank all my Friends, Family and Loyal Customers for coming out to the COUNTRY..(  and bringing me Flowers and wine, you know me all too well!!!)  and to all the NEW customers, neighbors and all who stopped to see just WHAT A ELEGANT Barn sale was.. Thank You for making it such a wonderful weekend..

 Here are a few pictures ….



   I have also made a very hard decision in the last few weeks, The shop that I have been in for 2 1/2 years and have loved being a part of is relocating, and for many reasons  have decided NOT to move with them and to concentrate on my shows and Barn sales. and look forward for the new chapter for THE VINTAGE ROOM and all the future holds for it. My husband will retire next year and we hope to travel and maybe do some shows out of state. I am looking for a vintage Travel trailer.. a Airstream Bambi or a Canned ham.. ( if you know of any for sale, please let me know).

   I plan to have a fun filled summer. I rented a camp for a week in July and have decided not to do any shows in July and ENJOY the summer weather…and my family..

 AND   for now.. I will begin to prepare for the Aug. Bouckville Show.. I will be in the same spot as the last few years.. BE1, Butternut Hill, heading east on Rte 20, past town on the left side!!! If you come please let me know who you are!!!

  Wishing you all a wonderful summer full of Family, Friend and Love..










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SPRING.. has Arrived

Hello ALL..

FYI.. I got a new computer so am still trying to get the hang of it .. so in advance sorry if this seems a little disjointed.. I am having trouble getting the pictures to download, where I want them but wanted to do a post while I am here in Maine..

I had a new grandson, Rohan, who is now 3 months old.. he was 4 lbs 14oz when he was born ( a month early) but is now 10 pounds and Joins his big sister Priya , 2 1/2.. I came to Maine 17 days ago to take care of him because his mom had to return to work after 12 weeks with him.. I will be here another 7 days.. It has been wonderful and exhausting.. and I have loved every minute20140401_15381320140412_151109


It was a long winter here in upstate NY.. It has finally gotten
warmer, and so begins the plantings of flowers and veggies in the garden  BUT
best of all the planning of my next Elegant Barn sale.. It is to be held in
June.. The Wine and Cheese Party will start things off on Friday evening June
6th from 5-8.. and Sat. and Sunday ( June 7th and 8th) hours are 9-4.. and YOU
are all invited to come on out to the country and experience this UNIQUE ANTIQUE
BOUTIQUE shopping experience…

June Barn Invite frontjune barn sale invite back

We have been busy with a major project .. we recently had one of the old Chicken
Cage Buildings demolished as it had seen better days .. so the land where it sat
has been seeded and the remaining ends of the barn will get need to be sided and
windows put in.. this will be an ongoing project for the next couple years as I
want to paint all of the barns..

barn demo3Barnbarn demo2barn demobarn3barn2


I have had time this winter to work on some new ideas, some of which I have in
the shop.. and I will have them available at the upcoming Barn sale… Boot
Bling, Jean Jacket cuff bracelets, and re Purposed Vintage Jewelry pieces.

BOOT Bling 003jean jacket cuff bracelets

June’s Elegant Barn sale will have lots of SPriNG and GaRdeN items..

20140412_134936chair and sign

Here are some of the new Spring Themed signs I have been working on while in Maine!

The Month of May will be filled with getting the Barn ready and filled with lots of TREASURES  and unique Boutique Items.. I have been busy painting furniture too, so I hope to see you ” IN THE BARN..

Also wanted to tell you that the Shop I am In THE SAVVY CHICK.. is having it’s 3rd Birthday Party  April 25th ( Friday Night) beginning at 6.. I have moved to the Front of the shop and LOVE it..Screenshot_2014-04-01-21-23-22   The Shop was featured in This Month’s Issue of CNY Woman..

Wishing you all a happy SPRING full of lots of Joy.. It is my favorite time of year.. always looking for the rebirth of buds on the trees, that first snow drop to appear, the crocuses, daffodils.. then the lilacs.. I love it all and am so READY for it ALL…20140412_171553

Enjoy it!




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A Year in Reflection..

As I reflect over the past year, I am a roller coaster of emotions. So many highs and lows both in my business and my personal life. I will touch lightly on the sadder points because some have forever changed my life and have given me a different outlook on life and business..

This year, in August, my very close Friend, whom I spoke to almost everyday, took her own life. I was left with such a terrible void and no explanation.. not a day has gone by since that I have not thought about her with so many mixed emotions. I will never know the WHY? so I must honor her memory with the happiness she brought to my life. The Happy times we shared. She was a constant source of inspiration, a huge support and I am proud to have called her friend. So this year I will think positive thoughts and not on the negative.. This has changed who I am and how I will live my life..  Miss you and will always love you.Image    Leslie . on.our Trip to Florida

I also, In April,  left the shop that I had been in for 5 years, the day before I was to take the final load, the shop had a fire and I lost much merchandise and also learned an important lesson .. Make sure the shop owner  has Insurance to cover your treasures or tells you that she doesn’t so you can make the choice to get your own.. Image   One of the 3 rooms I had at the shop.. the merchandise was moved into the hall and another room by the firemen.. some was able to be cleaned but the majority was lost.

Ok.. Now all, or at least some of the positive.. Where do I begin..

I did many shows this year that were  all a great success.. Syracuse Fairground in March and October;  Chartreuse  in  Maryland ( April); Outdoor Market in Brimfield,Mass ( May);  The Great American Antique Show in Liverpool,  NY ( July); and  Butternut Hill Bouckville NY ( Aug).. and some small one  day shows, one ( Oaks Corner..July),  of which my booth was featured on the cover of The New York-Pennsylvania Collector Magazine.. Aug. 2013

In June, I expanded my space at the Savvy Chick Boutique and also expanded my merchandise Line  to Include Jeanne D’ Arc.. from Denmark including  their Magazines, Clothing, Scarfs and other accessories;  a small selection of Flax Clothing and a line of Fashion accessories Including hats, scarfs, ponchos, gloves and much more and continued to work on my passion of Re Purposing.. ( I am currently working on a couple NEW items and am excited to get them in the shop by spring)..

tablet 1303

Jeanne D’ Arc: Poncho, leggings and scarf

shop. key necklaces 019Large Variety on Jeanne D Arc magazines Available

shop. key necklaces 018Christmas at the shop

On A personal note: I was very fortunate to have my son, Jeremy, who lives in California call to say he was coming to the East Coast for business and what was I doing Next Wed. (just happened to be the week after the 10 days at Bouckville.). needless to say.. I booked a flight for Orland .. met him.. we rented a car and drove the 3 hours to Visit my sister, Kathy and brother in law, Dave.. we had a wonderful 5 day visit, with many laughs and shared memories..  an unexpected and wonderful shared time..

In August we  also began renovating one of the barns to fulfill my long time dream of having Barn sales.. I held the 1st one in October and was overwhelmed with the response I got and plan to have another in late spring.. ImageImage The back of Barn

November and December were very busy months at the shop with Fall and Christmas Open Houses and Friends and Family events..september 2013 barn and shop 020 October at the shop

tablet 009 shop. key necklaces 022  Christmas at the Savvy Chick

What a wonderful year at the shop.. I want to thank all the CHICKS,  who are the most supportive group of women I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with .. lead by the owner of the shop, Cheryl, who has gone above and beyond to make the shop the success it is.. AND to all my customers, from the bottom of my heart I thank you and appreciate all the support you have given me.. some of you traveling far to attend my shows and the barn sale.. without YOU all.. my passion would have been short lived.. you make me want to work harder to bring you unique items for homes and yourselves..

I also want to thank my sister, Maureen and Joan who are always supportive .. Joan is my right hand when it comes to tools and making my jewelry.. They are always on the LOOK OUT for new ideas..

And most of all I thank my husband, Tim, for the constant support .. the crazy road trips, the endless STOPS.. the auctions.. the loading.. unloading.. driving the u-Haul.. setting up and taking down tents.. the Drop everything and drive to Bouckville because my tent was leaking and the roof filling  with BUCKETS of water.. the Endless hours spent ( not to mention money) spent to help me make my dream of “The Elegant BARN sale” come to be!! I love you and appreciate all you do for me..

On the happiest and most personal note of the whole year…. On December  30th, the tiniest, most perfect, sweetest baby boy entered this world almost a month early.. Rohan.. weighing only  4 lbs and 14 ozs  joined sister, Priya, 2 1/2 and made my son and daughter in law’s family complete..  ( along with Henry the dog and grey butt the cat.. can’t forget them)Priyas dec visit rohan and family rohan tim My husband, Tim, with tiny Rohan

In closing, I want to Wish you all the happiest year to come .. full of love, joy and success in whatever you do.. and to remind you that LIFE is precious and to make the most of everyday and never take it for granted..

Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for me and my family..  and what treasures I will find to share with all of you..

Hugs ..


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1st Elegant Barn Sale

It finally Happened.. I held my 1st Elegant Barn sale in what my husband has called” the upper Building for the last 34 years that I have known him.   Here are some pictures of the facelift.. garden and barn 020 september 2013 barn and shop 018 house and tractor seat 012 barn and garden 002 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 033 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 031.. it now has a new name.. the Elegant Barn.. We had it resided and all new windows in Aug. We also had the stained Glass window from the church my husband , Tim, attended 9 Cardiff United Methodist Church) almost 60 years ago and for many years while he was growing up… and I held the first sale Oct 4-6..

This was taken the evening before the sale

shop 028 I started the weekend with a Friends, family and Customer appreciation Wine and Cheese Preview.. and was in awe of how many attended , too many of you to mention but you know who you are .. Love you all… it was am amazing  evening.. followed by a busy Sat. and Sunday.. with Cindy , who is a FB friend and customer who came to see me in Bouckville,  traveling 3 hours to  attend.. and  Erica from SWANK traveling from Hamilton ( if you are ever in Hamilton NY, it is a MUST   Go TO Shop) , others from Utica,  Morrisville and Suburbs of Syracuse.. thank you all !!

Here are some pictures of the Inside of the barn..

barn 020 barn 015 barn 029 barn 006 shop 006 shop 017

My friend, Vicki Potter, Paintbrush Cottage was my Guest Vendor.. Here she is Helping Paint the sign some of her wares..

barn 007 barn 017 barn 011 barn 013 barn 014garden and barn 020

I am planning to have another sale in the Spring , so LIKE me on FB for Dates and Times..

shop 033  Tim surprised me with a YUMMY cake delivered Friday night and one of my best friends,sent flowers.. I have the best friends and Family

shop 034

A special Thank You to Tim who always has my back.. and complete support and to my angel in heaven.. Miss you so much and wish you could have been here.. you encouraged me to follow my dream.. you would have LOVED it.. Miss you every day..Love,


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Bouckville Aug. 2013

bouckville and the barn 003 bouckville and the barn 004 bouckville and the barn 005 bouckville and the barn 010 bouckville and the barn 002 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 006 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 007 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 008 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 010 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 012 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 013 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 014 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 015 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 016 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 017 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 019 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 020 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 021 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 023 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 026 Aug. 12 .. first day of Bouckville 027..Wow.. I know it has been I long time since I have posted .. It was a busy summer.. Laughs and Tears, Joys and Sadness.. I think that is the way LIFE is..

Today I will share some of the JOYS of Bouckville.. as I always do.. I met some great people and was visited by several repeat FRIENDS! Everyone ( except 1 old grouch)  who stepped into my booth gave me reason to smile.. all looking for that special treasure to take home..

These are some of my favorite pictures from the show and some of the great Woman I met ..

Please visit my Face Book Page .. The Vintage Room (NY)

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Bouckville 2013

Bouckville 2013

The Frenchy corner of my booth

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The GREAT American Antique Show, Long Branch Park, Liverpool NY July 2013

liverpool 036

Rag rugs and High Chair

Rag rugs and High Chair

liverpool 044This year was HOT..HOT.. HOT.. temps reached nearly 100 degrees at we set up for the show this year. I am so thankful for the help I had from two wonderful Friends, Leslie and Shannon and my Husband, Tim.. I could not have done it without them and their endless encouragement as we packed the u-haul ( that was Shannon and I), set up both tents, unloaded the u-haul and van, and then began to set up all the displays.. Pictures to follow..

But as usual, it all came together into a beautiful displays of lovely VINTAGE treasures..

Friday the slowest of the three days  but for the ones that braved it, they all seemed to be having fun and finding some great stuff..

It was on Friday, that I met Doug, he had seen some feed sacks in the basket i had out front  and if I had wondered if I had any ARBUCKLE’s coffee sacks, I was pretty sure I did not but told him to take a look.. then he spotted some smaller sacks.. ( they were like new and I had just gotten them a week or so before at a Estate sale).. and to his surprise and JOY.. there was an Arbuckle’s  PURE sugar sack.. which he told me was very rare to find is such great condition!!  He then went on to tell me that he was a chuckwagon cook and traveled around the area.. and that Arbuckle’s coffee was COYBOYS coffee.. he also told me to look for him at the NY State Fair at the Carriage Museum , that he would be there and he would have this sack on displayImage.. how awesome I felt that he had found a sought after treasure in my booth,, and he was thrilled with it! ….so the moral of this story is you  can never stop hunting ,, for something you’re looking for could be in that next booth..


Sunday was the perfect day to be outside and go treasure hunting.. it was  sunny with blue skies and temps in the mid seventies!!  My friend, Sandi, came to the show  with a huge bouquet of hydrangeas from her garden,  which  beautified my booth.

It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet so many others who also share the love of Treasure hunting.   The day only got better when my friends came out in full force to help pack up and reload the u haul.. we did it in record time .. A huge thank you to Lois and Jack, Shannon and Leslie..  there was even time to sit outside and enjoy a  cocktail before heading home..

I am now in Maine with the cutest little girl in the world.. yesterday we went blueberry picking at a nearby organic farm and  we just finished delicious blueberry pancakes my son made for us.. O.. LIFE IS GOOD!


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