“The Trunk”

I truly believe things happen for a reason and you are where you are because that is where you are suppose to be.. back in the spring I went to an estate auction.. late in  the day a beautiful trunk came up, tho it was beautiful,  it was what was inside that I was interested in as I already had 3 trunks to sell, LACE.. a trunk full of old lace.. MY weakness.. I kept bidding until I won!!… $75.00.. I brought it home and looked through the contents and was trilled.. decided what I would keep and what I would sell.. took some to the Brimfield show…  So as I was getting ready for this show I saw the trunk again But.. decided I would take the Aqua painted one I had just bought .. Well, it looked great at the end of the iron bed I had brought BUT the trunk  sold on Friday.. just hours into the show.. so Saturday morning I had Tim help me load the Auction trunk in my van..( I decided to mark it $75.00 firm.). why?? I have no idea.. (exactly what I had paid for it)… but I could not get it out myself so there it sat in my car  all morning.. One of my nice fellow dealer stopped over to say hi, and I asked him to help me get it out.. I put it right there where the Aqua one had been.. not even an hour later I saw a couple and their daughter looking at it.. They asked me, what was a strange question.. When did u buy this trunk? HUM.. when was that.. March..At an auction? they asked .. YES.. they Knew that trunk.. it had sat in Greg’s mothers house his whole life.. O, I forgot to say.. they came to the show because their daughter wanted a trunk..They could not believe it.. there it was.. I was thrilled too.. I still get chills thinking of seeing their faces .. they could not believe it and at that price, as they had looked at one earlier  Not as nice and 3X’s the money).. FATE???? I think so… A lot of things happened that day that lead to this trunk being back where it belonged with the Granddaughter who’s grandmother had it in her front room for years.. A TREASURE  for sure…  .. and this is proof.. Enjoy your trunk, , Joclyn !!!… this is a story with a very Happy ending.. Thanks, Greg, Christie and Joclyn for making this a very special show for me and reminding me that miracles do happen.. and that Life is good!!!



About gardenbloom

I live in LaFayette, NY with my husband of 32years.. I have always loved decorating and began going to auctions and flea markets when I was first married .. It wasn't til my 2 sons were out of college that I made it my business.. Luckily and thankfully I have a supportive husband to help me. This is my 4th year in business and I feel like I am just getting started doing what I LOVE.. I am currently in 2 shops in the Syracuse area.. The Blushing Rose Antique shop in Fayetteville NY and the Savvy Chick Boutique in Solvay NY
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13 Responses to “The Trunk”

  1. Lois says:

    Wow what a great story. You gave me the goose bumps as I read it. Such a happy ending for all involved. I think you need to buy more trunks!! 🙂

  2. strell3 says:

    Colleen, I was so glad to be there when the trunk made its way back “home”. What a goose bump story. Made my day for sure. Your displays were awesome. Everyone had such positive feedback. Good for you!

    • gardenbloom says:

      Thanks so much for coming to help…both days….it was an awesome thing when they saw the trunk.. Fate.. for sure.. being in the right place at the right time.. It was an awesome weekend.. thanks for always supporting me

  3. leslie says:

    The story of the trunk…..One of the most heartwarming stories i have heard in a long time. I love the fact the grandaughter found her grandmothers trunk.Home sweet home.

  4. Great story. It brought tears to my eyes. It makes this job so rewarding to hear stories like this.
    Debbie, Vintage Haven

  5. Alanna Kunz says:

    What a great “Happy Ending” story Colleen! It made my day!

  6. kerry lindquist says:

    Yes miracles do happen thankyou bee for sharing your days with us all

  7. Michele Bautista says:

    I just loved your story about the trunk!! I believe that we have angels hard at work to make wonderful things happen. I am new to your blog and it is great.

    • gardenbloom says:

      Thanks for taking time to read my posts.. i love what I do and and am so happy to share it with others who are passionate about life and love.. stop back .. I try to post as least a coupe times a month// our expectations,,,,

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