Bouckville.. 2012

Wow.. Is is really September already.. the summer has flown by..  and this has been a great one, for sure…

The Madison-Bouckville show has always been my biggest show and this year was no exception.. I had a record show.. and met some wonderful people and many Facebook and Blogger friends stopped by to introduce themselves.. which is always fun.. puttting a face with a name.. wish I had gotten pictures of them but I never seemed to have my camera ready when they came by.. I will work on that for next year..

here are some pictures :

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I met 2 very nice ladies, Ann and Nancy,( see Picture)

Ann and Nancy showing off their new spoon bracelets

who loved my spoon bracelets, after Nancy picked out hers, she turned to Ann and said.. “you pick out one.. I am buying one for you.. you work so hard”.. how sweet of her.. and after trying almost every one on.. picked her favorite.. they had been friends since childhood.. It was special.. they were having a wonderful day in Bouckville..

My friend and fellow treasure hunter, Vicki Potter and I had a great time.. she has a wonderful eye for the chippy and unusual, and we did some hunting together BUT also spent time having some fun.. we spent 2 nights at the Vernon Downs casino.. even her sister joined us one of the night.. so much fun.. I fixed up a bedroom for her in my work studio and she spent the week there and then decided to stay another week and do another show .. that’s dedication!!

Afer 9 days at Bouckville..

Well, I am going to leave it at that for today BUT will post again of more Bouckville tales.. and more pictures..

Have a wonderful day.. and remember.. you never regret the  treasures you bring home it’s the ones you leave behind …



About gardenbloom

I live in LaFayette, NY with my husband of 32years.. I have always loved decorating and began going to auctions and flea markets when I was first married .. It wasn't til my 2 sons were out of college that I made it my business.. Luckily and thankfully I have a supportive husband to help me. This is my 4th year in business and I feel like I am just getting started doing what I LOVE.. I am currently in 2 shops in the Syracuse area.. The Blushing Rose Antique shop in Fayetteville NY and the Savvy Chick Boutique in Solvay NY
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2 Responses to Bouckville.. 2012

  1. Leslie says:

    I remember Ann & Nancy .They were a hoot. Best friends forever. How sweet.I hope they check your blog and see how cute they are!

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