Happy New Year.. I always love new years.. A time to reflect back to all the positive things that happened that year, remember all the sad things but know that it is a brand to start.. a clean slate for the coming year and all the possibilities that are to come..

2012 was good to me in a lot of ways..

My family is healthy and happy and that is always my first priority.. My granddaughter ( 18 Months old) is the sweetest child on the planet.. OK.. I am a little bias BUT that’s the way I see it.. Both my boys  are happy in their lives  and I am so proud of the wonderful men they have become..  and My husband ..wow almost 33 years is as kind, loving and supportive  as when we first met.. without him I would not be able to pursue my Passion ” The Vintage Room” .. he has been my rock in getting my business off the ground.. and   I am so grateful and blessed in so many ways..

My ” Sisters” are always there when I need them… and always supportive of this crazy passion of mine.. calling  and encouraging me when I am doing a show.. which I did 14 of this past year!! even Picking for me off the side of the road, or if they are somewhere  and see something they think I would want , send me a picture.. Now , even, becoming more involved and Making things for me!! Thanks, Joan!!

And My Friends.. always supportive in so many ways:  helping me set up for shows, giving me much needed advise and support, doing the shows with me, coming to shops and shows and purchasing my treasures, and always encouraging me to follow my dream ..

I LOVE YOU all so much and appreciate each one of you in my life.. I have so many positive people in my life and am truly blessed..

Here we go … 2013…

A good start to the year  will be my trip.. one week from today to California to see my youngest son.. he has taken the whole week off and we are meeting in San Francisco.. and driving to LA along the coast with lots of stops in between at wineries, antique shops, restaurants ( he likes to eat at GREAT places), stopping in places like Santa Cruz, San Jose, Santa Maria,  Los Olivos, Santa Barbara, Carpenteria, and Pasadena and going to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.. spending time in LA before flying home.. Can’t wait!!   Because of this trip I will not be doing the January Syracuse show as planned!!

I have many other shows planned and  will post a list soon.. so check back!!

While on my trip I will post when I can of all the great places we go..

Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR .. one filled with love, peace, friends and contentment ..

Here is a picture of my First sale of 2013..  painted for Rebecca..

Vanity/ DeskVanity/ Desk

Thanks for a wonderful year.

Happy Hunting,



About gardenbloom

I live in LaFayette, NY with my husband of 32years.. I have always loved decorating and began going to auctions and flea markets when I was first married .. It wasn't til my 2 sons were out of college that I made it my business.. Luckily and thankfully I have a supportive husband to help me. This is my 4th year in business and I feel like I am just getting started doing what I LOVE.. I am currently in 2 shops in the Syracuse area.. The Blushing Rose Antique shop in Fayetteville NY and the Savvy Chick Boutique in Solvay NY
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2 Responses to WELCOME 2013

  1. strell3 says:

    Hope 2013 is as successful for you as 2012 was. You have continued to grow and show the love for Vintage thru your shows, displays and personable way. Myself, I have grown to love Vintage in our home, and with your help, have gotten some great pieces and ideas. Continued health and happiness to you and your wonderful family. Lots of love.

    • gardenbloom says:

      Thanks, my friend, for all your love and support, I appreciate it and am happy that you have joined the VINTAGE love wagon.. Here’s to a year filled with love, happiness, peace and lots of vintage treasures..

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