My trip to California .. part 1

Rte 1 cliffI left home at 6am and traveled from Syracuse, connecting in Charolette and arriving at 2:15 Pst(5:15 est) where my son picked me up and we traveled by car to Santa Cruz.. Had a great dinner and checked into a Inn nearby.. in the morning we waled to a coffe shoppe and then walked to the beach.. back to the car and off to Monteray to the antique shop that I had read about.. afterspending an hour there and buying myself a sterling silver bangle , we went for more coffee and then off to Carmel.. great shops and back in the car to drive down Rout 1 along the coast.. It was beautiful.. but a little stressful with it’s sharp curves and no guard rails over huge cliffs.. we made it to his house last night  and are having a relaxing day today..


About gardenbloom

I live in LaFayette, NY with my husband of 32years.. I have always loved decorating and began going to auctions and flea markets when I was first married .. It wasn't til my 2 sons were out of college that I made it my business.. Luckily and thankfully I have a supportive husband to help me. This is my 4th year in business and I feel like I am just getting started doing what I LOVE.. I am currently in 2 shops in the Syracuse area.. The Blushing Rose Antique shop in Fayetteville NY and the Savvy Chick Boutique in Solvay NY
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One Response to My trip to California .. part 1

  1. strell3 says:

    Sounds like a great time in progress…..beautiful picture. Have a great rest of your week!!!!

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