Brimfield.. May 2013

wow.. the days  have flown by since my last post..

Again this year, Vicki Potter , the Gypsy Paintbrush, and I set up together at Stephens Place.. in Brimfield and had a great week..brimfield and more 111 brimfield and more 105 brimfield and more 104 brimfield and more 102 brimfield and more 096 brimfield and more 094 brimfield and more 093 brimfield and more 092 brimfield and more 082 brimfield and more 066 brimfield and more 065 brimfield and more 063 brimfield and more 061

BRIMFIELD was a great show.. we had ordered a 10X20 tent and had a idea how our booth would be set up.. so SURPRISE #1.. the tent was a 15X15.. which is a whole different set up and not as easy .. less front open space and 5 feet out outside space was now gone.. it took us over 2 hours just to lay the footprint.. then the unpacking and seeting dispays.. after an 8 hour day we returned to our little cabin.. home away from home .. exhausted and feel into bed.. arriving before SEVEN on Tues. ( the first day of the show) to find the girls who had shopped with us last year, there waiting for us.. we felt bad that we were not as READY as we had hoped.. but got right to work and began selling right away..

I sold my 3 largest( in size) pieces within the first couple hours.. which took a load off my mind for the repacking nightmare!  and the day just kept  getting better from there..

We went “home” happy at 6PM.. again in bed by 9ish..

The next 5 days were good to us too, with several past customers returning..( they had shopped with us last year), Carolyn came all the way from Salt Lake City.. and now is hoping to make the trip to Madison Bouckville this Aug!!   .. and had 1 of my Syracuse customers come all the way with her daughter( who is living in RI)  to shop.. they were loving it.. just wish they had been there earlier in the week .. when things looked a little fresher.. We met some fun loving girls, who had a great time shopping, laughing and loading their car with treasures..

brimfield and more 121

Debra one of my awesome customers from Syracuse and her daughter Liz ( and her boyfriend) came to Brimfield .. and went home with sonme treasures

brimfield and more 101

These 2 ladies are from Virginia .. and had gone to Vintage Bodega in the Outer Banks where Vicki had been set up just a couple weeks ago.. they found some treasures and even came back and bought one of my pillows

brimfield and more 099

This is Carolyn from Salt Lake City, Utah.. she met us last year and was back this year to shop with us.. she is even hoping to come back in Aug. and come to Madison Bouckville for the First time!

Karen, Mary Jane and Jody with some of the treasures they bought from me

Karen, Mary Jane and Jody with some of the treasures they bought from me

They were all so nice and really make what I do so much fun…

I hope to be better about posting..BUT.. well… I am not that good at it and never sit long enough to get it done..


My next planned show will be at Long Branch Park in Liverpool… The Great American Antique Show.. in JULY..

Have a Happy Memorial Day..

And remember … KEEP HUNTING.. there are lots of treasures out there!!



About gardenbloom

I live in LaFayette, NY with my husband of 32years.. I have always loved decorating and began going to auctions and flea markets when I was first married .. It wasn't til my 2 sons were out of college that I made it my business.. Luckily and thankfully I have a supportive husband to help me. This is my 4th year in business and I feel like I am just getting started doing what I LOVE.. I am currently in 2 shops in the Syracuse area.. The Blushing Rose Antique shop in Fayetteville NY and the Savvy Chick Boutique in Solvay NY
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  1. strell3 says:

    Great times…great Vintage Room!!!!!

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